Jenny Sowden

“You are truth in motion when you dance, Ms S.” – Jason

Jenny Sowden is an award winning, full-time, international dance instructor based in New York City where she is the managing director of Brooklyn Swings and Jenny has been training in dance for over twenty-five years and teaching for over twenty, with a BA in Dance and Theater from San Diego State University. She has studied 34 different styles of movement including Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, West African, Capoeira, Aikido, Tango, Salsa, Lindy hop, Balboa, and Blues. Her background influences her teaching and general style through musicality, variety, expression and an understanding of body mechanics. Jenny believes the dance floor is a ‘World of Yes,’ where by constantly accepting and being inspired by what happens, creates an amazing place to be. We then take classes in a ‘World of Intention’ to expand our ‘World of Yes.’ Find out more at 

Dan Repsch

[Dan Repsch] personifies the joy of dance with every step he takes on the dance floor and every word of encouragement in his classes.” – Brad Woodworth

Dan is immersed in the music and the movement. He constantly travels to continue learning, happily sharing his ideas along the way. In his teaching, Dan’s enthusiastic approach brings a focus on innovation, connection, and attention to your partner. Dan is also a veteran DJ, spinning for events across the continent and locally on a weekly basis, and has dabbled in organizing for events and local dances. In the end, Dan is most excited to push his dancing and to see his students break through their boundaries.

Samuel Coleman

Samuel Coleman (Herrang Ambassador, 2011) of New York City is an impeccably dressed vintage fashion plate – and so much more.  He continuously attracts new African-American dancers of all ages into lindy hop through his classes in Harlem and his outreach to dancers at Alvin Ailey School, where he works. Samuel had such a great time at Herrang that he has been determined to show Harlemites how much fun swing dance camp can be. Last year he received a special recognition award from Beantown Camp for bringing a group of 8 new campers. This year it already looks like there will be 15.

Samuel has developed teaching styles and choreographies that are “culturally relevant” and bring an appreciation of Lindy hop into the Harlem community.  He has recently started teaching once a month in Albany, the New York state capital, at the African American Cultural Center in a partnership with the local Lindy and Blues dance community to help build a more diverse swing dance scene.

A frequent competition winner, Samuel also performs with the Big Apple LindyHoppers and the Rhythm Stompers, who recently performed at the Jazz at Lincoln Center New Year’s Eve celebration.

Laura Keat

Laura Keat began her swing dance career in Denver when she joined the award-winning Lindy Hop performance team, 23 Skidoo! She immediately developed a passion for the art of swing dancing. Ever the disciplined student and skilled competitor, Laura began winning national titles and gaining recognition as a championship lindy hop follow with an independent style and point of view. She loves dancing with a wide variety of leads with diverse styles and ideas to challenge and broaden her own abilities as a follow. And as an instructor, she brings a fresh perspective towards developing each student’s technical foundation and individual style. For Laura, every dance is a chance to put smiles on peoples’ faces with an entertaining performance which shares and inspires the joy and excitement for swing dancing.