AVS Teaching Philosophy


“We at Atlanta Varsity Showdown believe in developing a well-rounded dancer by exposing students to multiple vintage dance styles in addition to a strong foundation in those dance forms.  Through this we hope for students to discover themselves in the dance and be able to truly dance what they feel.  We seek for our students to be in touch  with themselves so that they will be able to genuinely connect with another person.  To this effect, Atlanta Varsity Showdown offers both partnered and solo classes as well as encouraging our teachers to teach with partners and individually.

Dancing is a reflection of life, and it should be done with love.  We hope that by the end of the weekend our attendees will love themselves more and know themselves a little better.”

-Rachel Pitner

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Dawn Hampton teaching about “Feeling the Beat”

Dance what you feel.

Here is a video of Dawn Hampton from 1990 at Herrang.  She is talking about dancing with the beat, but it is also referring to respecting the moment.  She obviously doesn’t believe in dancing from a script of moves but absorbing the influences present at that time, and letting them be expressed through her movement.  In my opinion, that is how Dawn Hampton seems to infuse a sense of magic into every inflection she makes with her body as she spreads her impact across the dance floor.